Army Brat Shooting and Reloading Ammo

army brat shooting and reloading ammoI grew up as an army brat. My parents and I moved to various bases in the US nine times in the twelve years that I was going to school. When I was in elementary school I hated it but I have learned the value of making friends quickly and it has taught me how to deal with a lot of different social situations. I am even thinking about joining the army when I finish university.

I have lost touch with the friends I made during elementary school but I have kept in touch with a lot of the friends that I made in high school. I always played sports in high school as I learned pretty quickly it was a great way to make friends. I played football, soccer and I ran track and field. I excelled at track and field but I was never very good at football or soccer. But I really enjoyed the camaraderie that being involved in sports offered. My favorite part was always when we would meet for a burger after a game or event and laugh as we recounted the highlights or mistakes people had made.

I am now in my third year of college and this is the longest I have ever lived in one place. I have made some really good friends playing in the recreational league at college and my favorite thing to do is still getting together with my buddies and laugh as we talk about the mistakes or great plays.

Last weekend I visited one of my old friends from high school for a few days and we had the wildest time. He has changed a lot since I last met him. When I met him he liked to watch movies and play various sports. He was a pretty mild guy when he wasn’t on the field. But now he is really into shooting guns and hunting. His place was littered with magazines about guns, hunting seasons, and where you can find the best deer and other big game in the US. We went out on Saturday and he showed me how to fire a .22 rifle. We spent about five hours shooting guns in the woods. We aimed at targets we had set up, rocks, and stumps. My friend made jokes about shooting a squirrel that was chattering somewhere in the forest but he said he didn’t like the taste of squirrel meat very much. We ended up our day reloading bullets—not the .22s we shot but the .45s he didn’t use since he said it would be wasted on someone of my shooting talents. :)

I really enjoyed the few days I spent with my friend. I don’t really get the fascination with guns but we had a good time anyways. We spent a lot of time laughing about things that had happened in high school and we watched a few good movies.

Growing up as an army brat taught me the true value of friendship. It is worth the extra effort to keep in touch with people as you never know when you may meet up again. I know that the bonds that I make with people in the army will be the same which is why I want to join after I finish my formal education.